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Rhode Island Intercollegiate Independent Film Festival

Hosted by the RWU Student Literary Magazine.

Saturday, September 16th
7 pm till about 10 pm

Showing the top 3 films.

3rd place: Dante, RISD
2nd place: Word Picture Verses, RISD
1st place: An Uzi at the Alamo, RWU & URI

There will be food.

Located on the RWU campus, behind the Architecture Building. (if it rains, we will relocate to a room in the College of Arts and Sciences, room TBA).

Come, support RI students and independent films!
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For all those interested, we have an independent film festival on September 16th!! far off i know.. i'm telling you now so that you can make your own films and submit them by September 1st!! More information as to mailing address... this is just to get the word out to grab your video camera and start filming!!

Held on RWU campus

All RI colleges (students and alumni) are invited to submit and attend!

**Best film receives a prize, more details later.

If you are interested, comment here or e-mail RIfilmfestival@gmail.com
I can send you information about the festival and answer any questions you may have.

Thank you very much!
Laura Wind

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Hello everyone!

I'm Masumi from Seattle and was in hysterics when I found out that I got into Brown! I applied as a theater major but also plan to be studying French and international relations. My first love is the theater, but I also am a big fan of French literature and love singing, swing dancing, dancing in general (but I'm no good at it), cooking, eating, directing, and political activism. I trying as hard as I can to make the most out of my last five months in my home town!

As for music, I saw that there is at least one other radiohead fan here :). I also tend to love music by artists/composers with the letter S in their names. These people include Sufjan Stevens, Stephan Sohdheim, Stars, Samuel Barber, Schubert, and Sigur Rós. I also like latin music like Manu Chau.

I'm also going to Tibet this summer!

I'm deciding between Brown and Northwestern but am almost positive that I am going to Brown since it has always been my first choice. I'm glad to be meeting you all online if not on campus!

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I'm  Adrienne Langlois, and I'm from Asheville, North Carolina. Currently, I'm still in shock over getting into Brown (in a good way, of course!) Brown has been my dream school for as long as I could remember-- both of my parents went there, so I have heard lots of amazing stories, and I have family in RI, so I visited Brown from a very young age.

I'm looking to concentrate in Political Science or History. I might add another concentration of either Spanish or Arabic if I'm crazy enough! I play French Horn in my school's band, so I'm looking forward to (hopefully) being part of the orchestra, skating band and other musical groups at Brown. I'm also very politically involved (as you might guess from my major), so I'll be joining lots of political / social science groups at Brown. Also, I've heard rumors of the Pirate Choir, which makes me very excited. I am my school's leading source for pirate jokes.

I really cannot wait for September, so if you're not completely put off by my dorky entry, feel free to contact me on my journal! I'd love to hear from you.

I look forward to seeing you all in less than 5 months!
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Hey guys! I was accepted early decision and well, brown was actually the only place I applied, I just cant see myself anywhere else.

My name is Carla, and I'm from Houston, TX. I hope to study International Relations and to specialize in Latin American Affairs. I am also a photographer and an English Handbell ringer. Most people have never seen a handbell group, but yeah. Anyhow hope to keep this up and to meet ya'll in the fall.

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Hi guys!

I just made this community because the other one was, well, for the lack of a better term, rather ghetto.

So yeah, feel free to introduce yourself and whatnot so that we'll all be friends come September in Rhode Island!

I'll start:

My name's Chris. I go to HS in NY, about 45 minutes outside of the city. I really enjoy theatre and english, and thus hope to study/concentrate in one of the two and/or both. I am so excited for the open curriciulum also, because I really want to take the studio art classes I've been lacking since middle school. My favorite music is showtunes. I enjoy dragracing with Mexicans, stealing BOTOX advertisement signs, etc...

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